iconoclast, bohemian, pirate, poet, adventurer, social commentator and beer garden thinker

OK so I have been told by those who blog successfully and regularly that readers want to know something about me. Personally, I’d rather you learn about me through my writing, but one must be flexible, and old dogs and all that stuff. My name is not Norton Nearly. I do not want some entities to know who I am. Writing under this pen name allows me the freedom to express myself as I want without all the drama and commentary by nosy neighbors peering over the fence at my life.

I have been writing for quite a while, though free verse poetry just slapped me in the back of the head about a year ago. It is right now my favorite form.

I have had a good life, though very tough at times – death, substances, injury, heartache and more. I love adventure, especially in the Great Outdoors and on paper. I respect honesty more than most things. I love my wife and daughter more than anything else.

I have just published my first book of free verse poetry, Stained White Shirt. The book contains over 250 poems plus a bunch of original aphorisms and some sketches as well. Copies are available for $22 which includes S&H. Send check to Norton Nearly PO Box 144 Townsend DE 19734. Come on you spend that at a single movie, and you can read me over and over.

– NN


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