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Ending War

Posted: August 20, 2016 in free verse, Poems, poetry

Ending War

By Norton Nearly

from Shiny Spaceships stuck on dead-end dirt roads, available on

she’s right and she’s wrong
and I’m right and I’m wrong
and it’s never about right and wrong
nor even truth
it’s about perspective
and positioning
and posturing
if we could wake up on the other side of the bed
right and wrong would fade away
in marriage
and in politics
and yes also in war


Pocket Lint

Posted: March 30, 2015 in free verse, Poems, poetry
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Pocket Lint

From the book, Stained White Shirt

Pockets of hope wake me
on occasion
though I sleep soundly most of the time

I love to stuff my hands into those pockets
fondle the lint
seek other hands in there to hold

She had but one front tooth
used it to smile cautiously
and beautifully

She dressed far too young for her age
per someone’s standards
but her timid conversation invited me deep into her pockets

a passing moment
as is all hope