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Posted: January 11, 2014 in Poems
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there’s tons of insanity
in after hours bars
drinking, smoking
getting and givin scars

over in that building Mam
I crashed my car
she’s worrying about injuries
you’re thinking about the next bar

waking up with dark spots
all over last night
not knowing if you tripped and fell
or got into another fight

what the hell’s her name
roll over and peak
you barbecued the sausage
and didn’t really speak

hallucinating at the Jersey shore
in the middle of March
a fall off the jetty
sure takes out the starch

it became a tap dance
along the sharp side of the blade
life is nothing more
than what the hell you made

you can only march on
you can’t undo the done
you must scrape up the remainder
and tally another sum

you can’t ever forget
who you used to be
conviction can fall into trouble
so you must be prepared to flee

your life was saved
by two pair of blue eyes
but the demon still tempts
as surely as it lies

there’s tons of insanity
in after hours bars
drinking and smoking
getting and givin scars