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Growing Up

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Poems
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Growing Up

I once saw a kitty being eaten
by maggots.
Everyone involved was
I was nine
and I have never forgiven myself
for not grabbing a big rock
and crushing the kittens skull.
But at the time
I didn’t want the blood
on my hands.
I called out sick to school
took the easy way
to shame.
I was nine
and didn’t know what
to do.

I once saw a baby bunny
chewed up in the fan of a dryer.
I got the little thing out
I was fifty
and I knew I was right
to grab a coal shovel
and crush the rabbits skull.
And I still have
the bunny’s blood
on my hands.
I showed up for work
completed the tough
of pain.
I was fifty
and I did know what
to do.